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Cuban landscape with ritual

Cuban landscape with ritual

SKU: 3E.8

Title / Title: Cuban landscape with ritual

Composer / Composer: Leo Brouwer

Format / format: for bass clarinet and percussion / for bass clarinet and percussion

Year / Year: 1987

Edicion Actual / Current edition: 2007

ISBN: 978-959-7192-44-2

Indications page: No

Pages / Pages: 14

Catalog number: 3E.8

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    CD Duo Contemporain

    Cuban landscape with ritual

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    Contemporain duo

  • About the work

    Once again there is the issue of landscape, which for Leo is not only landscape. The landscape in any part of the world is that nature that man modulates, transforms and recreates, of course, culturally shaped.

    The Afro-Cuban roots in this work are undeniable. It is not because of its title, which now only evokes its presence, but because of an entire behavior of rhythmic, timbral and melodic stratification from music with an African background.

    Isabelle Hernández, Leo Brouwer (Havana: Editora musical de Cuba, 2000)

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