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Since the late sixties, Leo Brouwer's music has been published by Max Eschig, Ricordi (Universal Music), Schott, Gendai, Transatlantiques, Music Sales Classical (Chester Music Ltd), Doberman Yppan, among others. More than a decade ago the Mtro. Brouwer undertook the project of having his own publishing house encouraged, in the first place, by a need as a creator to self-manage his work, something increasingly common in artists of the 21st century. Ediciones Espiral Eterna was born in April 2005, in its native Havana, led since its inception by Isabelle Hernández, biographer and manager of Maestro Brouwer. The title of the publisher comes from La Espiral Eterna for guitar, an essential work in the recounting of the final stage of the avant-garde of the sixties worldwide.


Our editions have the permanent advice of the composer himself in charge of the final revision of each score. Dedicated exclusively to the edition and publication (printed and digital scores) of Maestro Brouwer's music, we have a catalog with six collections: Choral Music, Chamber Music, Orchestral Music, Piano, Guitar and Facsimile. Our activities also include the production and commercialization of phonograms, videos, documentaries and any audiovisual support on the artistic work of Maestro Brouwer. We work in parallel for the restoration, digitization and conservation of your manuscripts and other originals contained in the bibliographic funds of the publisher that includes a miscellany of documents ranging from letters, photographs, books, brochures, offprints of periodical and non-periodical publications, to a collection of his guitars, the discography with his music that exceeds 900 records and of course, unpublished and published handwritten scores. Our main distributors are located in: United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Mexico and Japan. Ediciones Espiral Eterna protects and disseminates the composer's musical heritage worldwide.

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