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Rite of the Orishas

Rite of the Orishas

SKU: 3E.64

Title / Title: Rite of the Orishas

Composer / Composer: Leo Brouwer

Format / format: for guitar / for guitar

Year / Year: 1993

Edicion Actual / Current edition: 2020

ISBN: 978-959-7192-68-8

Indications page / Indications page: Yes / Yes

Pages / Pages: 16

Catalog No. / Catalog No.: 3E.64

Difficulty / Difficult: Moderate / Moderate

  • Listen here / Listen here

  • Dedicated to / Dedicated to

    Alvaro Pierri

  • About the work

    Rite of the Orishas is structured in two fundamental sections. The first is titled “Exordium-Conjuring”, and it is a compound ternary form with an episode-like central part. In this work, the influence of other compositions by the Master is felt, such as the Three Concertant Dances, Three Notes and the Micropiezas . The latter are clearly detected in the second part entitled "Dance of the black goddesses" , specifically in the section indicated as "Dance I" . Only the title of the work shows the strong presence of the Afro-Cuban ritual world. This is verified in the comprehensive treatment of expressive formants, regardless of a mystical and multi-syncretic evocation of the religious paradigm.

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