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Suite No.1 Antigua

Suite No.1 Antigua

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Title / Title: Suite No. 1 Antigua

Composer / Composer: Leo Brouwer

Format / format: for guitar / for guitar

Year / Year: 1955

Edicion Actual / Current edition: 2019

ISBN: 978-959-7192-04-6

Indications page: No

Pages / Pages: 7

Catalog No. / Catalog No.: 3E.11

Difficulty / Difficult: Easy / Easy

  • Listen here / Listen here

  • About the work

    The so-called Suite No. 1 Antigua by Leo Brouwer was written between the end of 1954 and the first months of 1955. It is one of the first works that Brouwer undertook with greater seriousness and in which some intonation and rhythmic turns are still very vaguely appreciated that later they will characterize their music

    "The old suite was a suite in the baroque style, with sarabanda, allemanda, well I'm not sure if they were real sarabandas or allemandas, I only know that he set a serious and difficult goal, and he solved it." (1)

    Isabelle Hernández, Leo Brouwer (Editora Musical de Cuba, 2000)

    (1) Ortega, Jesús - Interview, by the author. 11/11/1999.

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