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Cuban Landscape with rain

Cuban Landscape with rain

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A raindrop falls and multiplies in a strong rain that is annihilated surviving a few drops as a remembrance.


Maestro Brouwer comments: “What there is the monothematic cellular vision that in this case is already essential because it starts with one note. I’m following the progression that is not mathematically exact, but the progression of the Fibonacci series, not literally, because I’m not interested in having a constriction of that nature, but it was the starting point."

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  • Detalles

    Título: Cuban landscape with rain

    Compositor: Leo Brouwer

    Formato: para cuarteto de guitarras / for guitar quartet

    Año: 1984

    Edicion Actual: 2022

    ISBN: 978-959-7259-13-8


    Página de indicaciones: No

    Páginas: 18 (particellas inlcuidas / separated parts included)

    No. Catálogo: 3E.107

    Dificultad: Fácil

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